• LED

Seamlessline® T6 LED is a linear lighting system designed for continuous light and consistent color.
Featuring a unique side-lamp socket design, these lamps can be mounted end-to-end for smooth and continuous illumination.
In continuous runs, lamps are as close as 1/16”; illumination of the lamp ends allows for continuous light patterns.

Individual fixtures include nominal lengths of 34”, 40”, 50” and 60”.
All fixture lengths can be coupled together to form an ETL listed continuous thru-wire system.
Lumen output and color are maintained no matter what length is used, allowing designers to mix and match sizes to form custom lengths.
Seamlessline® T6 LED is available in a range of color temperatures from 2400K to 5000K. Average rated life of Seamlessline® LED lamps is 50,000 hours.


Linear T6 Fluorescent system The unique design qualities of T6 Fluorescent allows for smooth and continuous illumination while eliminating socket shadows and is ideal for direct or indirect lighting.